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Maine Coon kittens male $2000.00 or female $1700.00 dollars. $200.00 dollars will be reimbursed once proof of spaying is provided. (must be spayed/neutered prior to 6 months to qualify for reimbursement). We recommend spaying/neutering between 4 - 6 months of age. Recovery is always easier for a younger cat plus will help avoid any unwanted behaviours that come with intact male and female cats. Are you looking for a Show/Breeding Cat. We give free breeding rights upon proof of completion of the cat's Championship Title either through TICA or CFA ICA or another approved recognized Cat Association. Deposits are 300.00/ or 500.00. Deposits are refundable if your kitten is unavailable by the breeder due to health concerns. Show/breeding cats are only given breeding rights at proof of Championship or an additional $1500.00 paid prior to breeding. Must always be bred to a cat of like quality and registered with a reputable cat association.

All homes MUST be approved. We believe in Meow N Furever homes.

Maine Coon Kitten

  • We can deliver via in cabin or by land. All expenses will be covered by the new owner and must be paid upfront. We do not charge fees for our time just costs involved.

    Contact us for more information.

  • Servants will be needed - will be taking deposits on our new litter in another couple weeks! Be sure to be on our contact list so you’ll be notified when we’re ready 😊

    These will be ready for Christmas - Christmas is a beautiful season for family and giving but when giving a pet as a present please be sure ALL members of the family are fully aware of the gift and are wanting a pet. We are looking for Meow N Furever Homes. Only the best servants need apply!

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