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At Zodiac Katz we believe in Meow 'N FUREVER homes

Zodiac Katz

Meet our dear friend  Phil and ZodiacKatz Leonidas Pollux Rockwell

If interested in a kitten please fill out our contact form below and you'll be updated when we have kittens and when we are taking deposits. 


 For more information or to find out what sets us apart from many others please feel free to browse our pages via the dropdown menu. 

Please scroll down page to see testimonials from the servants our CATS have chosen.    We are ever so grateful to these Human servants for becoming a part of the Zodiac Katz Family.    


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photo sep 10 2023, 8 22 52 pm.jpg

Zodiac Katz Arwen

Hi, My name is Tanya and this is my Arwen.  She was a gift from my brother and she is simply amazing!  She is so beautiful, sweet, curious and energetic.  She is a true love Bug who loves to cuddle on my chest or by my side.  She is a true blessing to my life!   I'm so grateful to Zodiac Katz for this wonderful girl.  



Maine Coon Kittens For Sale
Maine Coon Kittens For Sale
Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

My experience with Zodiac Katz has been wonderful from the start.   Kathy's small exquisite breeding program offers the best of the Maine Coon Breed.  The health and wellness of each kitten , and it being placed into a very carefully selected home is her highest priority.  We are more than thrilled to have added little Quasar to our family?   Being our first Maine Coon we did a fair amount of research before finding her.  It was important to find just the right addition to our fairly peaceful lifestyle with quiet Tibetan Terrier - Sofi, and playful bunny - Willow.  Upon my first conversation with Kathy I knew I was dealing with a breeder who not only had the best interest of her cats at heart but was knowledgeable and committed to staying involved to assure success for both kitten and adopting family.   Kathy is delightful.  She is always available to kindly offer expert advice, to ooh and aah over countless adorable pictures and laugh about silly kitten antics.  Needless to say we are so very blessed to have been chosen for our special quasar.   But also blessed to have become part of the Zodiac Katz family.   We would highly recommend them for an exceptional Maine Coon kitten!


Zodiac Katz Hiding in the Starz (Heidi)

My name is Ivan.   We got a cat from ZodiacKatz and it was an amazing experience.  She was healthy and Beautiful.  We got her for my daughter and they get along great!   We would highly recommend anyone looking for a Maine Coon to look no further than Zodiac Katz. 

Persian Cat For Sale
Persian Cat

Zodiac Katz Leonidas Pollux Rockwell 

Meet Leonidas, he is the progeny of Rockwell (Orion) and Vanilla (Phoenix) and is a handsome little boy.  He came to me healthy and happy and has the sweetest disposition and a very playful nature.  You can see from the pictures he is quite the loveable little guy.  thank you so much Zoidac Katz, Leonidas is sure to be an amazing and loved addition to the family.   

Phillip H. Pinellas Park FL.  

Zodiac Katz Leonidas Pollux Rockwell 
Zodiac Katz Leonidas Pollux Rockwell 
Zodiac Katz Leonidas Pollux Rockwell 

Zodiac Katz Hank 


Zodiac Katz Smokey


Meet Zodiac Katz Uhtred and Lagertha


We love our two Maine Coons we got from Zodiac Katz, we couldn't ask for better cats.  They are both simply adorable, gentle giants, healthy and entertaining.  Thank you Zodiac Katz.    



Zodiac Katz Tuna verse

1 year old pics

When you know you're loved

Zodiac Katz Guides u thru with Skar

         Zodiac Katz 
Ninneko the Maine Coon          

Let me just  say Kathy with Zodiac Katz was a God send when it came to finding our perfect furry friend.   We were searching for a Maine Coon kitten for quite awhile.  During our search we came across a lot of other breeders and websites that didn't make us feel comfortable with moving forward with a kitten adoption.   All of that unease disappeared once we met Kathy.  Right from the start Kathy was friendly, informative, and beyond kind.  She answered any and all of our questions along with giving us information we didn't even think to ask about.  We loved that she had a kitten cam so we could see all the kittens throughout the day.  Our situation was unique in that we lived out of state, but Kathy worked with us to review our options to get our kitten and make sure he was ready to go by the time we arrived for pickup as well as checking back in with us as time went on to make sure our new addition was doing well.   There really is no other breeder like the Zodiac Family that will treat you like a friend rather than a customer.   Plus, she makes the BEST CAT-puccinos!

Thank you for making our first adoption experience GREAT.   

Zodiac Katz Lee-Len



Zodiac Katz Sophia


Sophia is almost a year now!    she has been the best cat!  She is full of personality!  Independent during the day but super snuggly at night.   It has been our choice to her a room.  She sleeps there every night!   Just call her and she comes running for bed!   She loves the screened in porch and occasionally gets to go outside with her harness for walks!  She has gotten use to her leash with no problems!   So glad I'm her momma and she is mine!   Thanks to Zodiac Katz.   



Zodiac Katz Lilith



This is our Lilith!  She has the sweetest dispositon and temperament, not to mention that she's drop dead gorgeous!  This all comes from good breeding.  Kathy was extremely informative, available and answered any questions I had.  Along the way, Kathy became more of a friend rather than just a breeder.  She takes a genuine interest in how the kitties are once they leave her home and go to their new homes.  I would definitely recommend Zodiac Katz to anyone that is looking for a well bred kitten.   She takes pride in her cats and it shows on the kittens that are produced.  


Zodiac Katz Blu Moon Rising Atticus and Calypso


I don't write reviews most of the time, but I had to let people know that Katharine Sherback (Zodiac Katz) has some amazing kittens.  My wife and I purchased Two of her fur babies.   So happy we did - they are AMAZING, and growing all the time.  Our kittens are only 10 months old  - our female Calypso is 13 lbs and our male Atticus is 16 lbs (PS - he's actually 2 months younger than Calypso).  Both are very healthy, aware and active, and never a dull moment.   Katharine is always so helpful whenever we think we have a problem.  Zodiac Katz we we're so happy the owner, Katharine picked us.   Still, many thanks - we LOVE them, they are spoiled.  

Kris and Albert

image000002 (1).jpg
image000002 (3).jpg
image000001 (4).jpg

Zodiac Katz Loki Full of Mischief 


We are the Jacksons and we got our beautiful Loki from Zodiac Katz last year for our family Christmas gift.  Katharine was so wonderful to work with.  She welcomed us into her home to visit with all of her babies and even had cappuccinos ready for us when we arrived.   You can tell her cats are well taken care of and loved very much.  And this shows in her kittens personalities and dispositions.  We are so thankful to have found Zodiac Katz and added Loki to our family.


Zodiac Katz Wrinkles 


We love our Maine Coon Wrinkles, that we got from Zodiac Katz.  We could see right away that all the cats were healthy and well cared for and loved.   The Mamas and their  kittens were playing in Kathy's living room like one big Happy Family.  I think that's why Wrinkles fit in so easily with the rest of our pack of cats and dogs.  He has a real confident Zen-like attitude, like on old soul.  We absolutely love him and have enjoyed every minute with him.  I admire that Kathy wants her cats to go to loving homes and be a part of your family.  We definitely highly recommend Zodiac Katz for the best cat experience.  

Marlea and Peter


Zodiac Katz Loki makes the move

Loki will be 1 soon and he has brought us so much joy in the past few months.  He has a personality like no other and is the sweetest and smartest cat I've ever met.   I might be a bit biased though.   From enjoying showers, loving to walk on a leash, and just being the most polite car rider I've seen.  He is full of surprises.   I did a lot of research looking for a breeder and i couldn't be happier with Zodiac Katz.   I was kept updated on his progress through photos and live feed video daily and once he came home Kathy has been ever so patient and helpful with my many questions and been available for advice.   Anytime I take Loki in public I'm asked where I got such a beautiful boy and I always give rave reviews to Zodiac Katz.  



Zodiac Katz Sir NYX


Zodiac Katz - Maine Coons of the Ozarks review by Rhonda B. Tupelo, Mississippi.  We purchased our kitten in December 2022 from Zodiac Katz.   We drove from our hometown into Arkansas to get our baby.  Katharine welcomed us into their home and greeted us with coffee.   She allowed us time for the kittens to become comfortable with us.   We never felt rushed.   The transition was very easy.  We received a care package with feeding instructions while we were there.   All the kittens were playful and healthy.   Our Sir NYX was a beautiful kitten but has grown into a gorgeous Big boy.   We have not had any problems with his health.   He is the Boss of the house.  I would recommend Zodiac Katz if you are searching for a Maine Coon to add to your family!!  In the future we hope to add another to our family and we will be using Zodiac Katz!!  Honest and very approachable.   They continue to check on NYX a year later.  It means a lot that they remember his name.   We give them 5 stars and encourage you to check them out .   You will not regret the decision.   We love our beautiful baby Boy

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