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Winter Circle of Starz

A collection of the brightest stars on display during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  According to EarthSky, the Winter Circle isn’t a constellation, but rather an “asterism,” or “prominent group of stars that form a pattern so noticeable it has a separate name.”
Come and meet our winter circle of Starz born December 04, 2022 to our Queen - Luna and our male Orion   


Meet our Boy - Rockwell Marmle Symphony (aka - ORION ... still just a young male himself, born Dec/2020).  

Sneak preview of our Winter Circle of Starz born on December 04, 2022.   

Reserved and heading to Michigan 

Reserved and staying in ArKansas

Reserved and staying in Arkansas

Reserved and heading to Kansas

We four are knocking at your door


Reserved and heading to Kansas

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