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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We started breeding in 1981 Shih-tzus (dogs which originated from Tibet and were given as gifts to Royalty.).   During this time we produced one of the top ten shih-tzus in Canada, our kennel name can still be found amongst the show breeders in Canada -  Tochis.   Then for a short time we retired from breeding and showing while we raised our 6 children, but always sharing our lives with cats/dogs/birds and even reptiles.  It wasn't until we moved just off the coast of the 'Gulf of Mexico in the quaint and beautiful city of St Petersburg, Florida that we then purchased two beautiful Great Danes and operated under the kennel name of Alpha N Omega Danes.  We recently lost both our Danes and decided we'd adventure into breeding and showing cats.   We had in the past had a very large and beautiful Highland Lynx.   In our search for Highland Lynx we discovered the Maine Coon.   Well it did not take long for me to discover the beauty of these large cats.   I decided to import my breeding stock from Russia and Ukraine.  We preferred the more extreme exotic looks of the European Maine Coons to the American bred cats.    I located some very dedicated cat breeders who only specialized in the showing/breeding of Maine Coons.   All lines in the pedigrees have come from well established catteries and reputable breeders who have done extensive health testing and study of the breed.  We are very proud of the breeding stock we have chosen and are very excited to start producing our own line and hopefully getting some of our kittens in the show ring.   We chose two cattery names, one for TICA is Meow N Furever and one with CFA is Zodiac Katz.   We strive to find NOW and FOREVER homes for our kittens!   This is our number one priority.   We do not believe any animal should have to be passed from home to home or certainly never to a shelter.   We believe God did entrust us with animals, it is our duty to care for these animals in the way then that God intended, that is how we came up with the name Meow N  Furever, our next choice Zodiac Katz comes from the Heavens and how cats possess a mysterious character about them just like the heavens.   


We have recently MOVED to our very own Bamboo Jungle located just outside the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.   To our very dear friends in Florida and states close by we are only a phone call/facetime away, and to all those who recently showed interest from Florida for this litter of kittens we can deliver.   We do not charge for our time to deliver just the costs involved.    

Now come and take a walk with us on the Wild Side while you browse through our website.

Maine Coon Breeders

All breeding parents have been tested negative FiV, FeLV, SMA, PKDEF, HCM
All hearts have been checked via ultrasound

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