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The Stars have collided 

Litter due June 16th 2022 - We are so excited about this litter.   Our foundation male - Marmles Symphony Rockwell(aka- Orion) x Bodiamlife*UA Vanilla (aka- Phoenix).  Orion and Phoenix have both tested negative for FiV FeLV, SMA, PKDEF, HCM, and cardiomyopathy clear.  They come from very strong established European Bloodlines of not just Champion bloodlines, but also grand and International Champions.   Bred for soundness in both conformation and personality.   Beautiful extreme European Maine Coon looks...strong muzzles, large ears with tufts, large manes, muscular toned bodies.  

Solar System
2022-01-31 00.12.04.jpg

Our Universe is growing 

This litter was born early  ( 6 days from first due date.) For kittens that are developing in the womb, every day born early can be very detrimental.   Kitten mortality is very high compared to their canine companions.   Proven studies show mortality rate decreases considerably when kittens are born later in their  gestation period.  As  a result we did lose 3 kittens  in the first couple days and the other three are maturing very slowly.   We  are holding back the kittens in this litter and will not accept any deposits on them until they have been thoroughly checked over by our vet and been given a clear bill of health.   We have 3 beautiful tabby boys from this breeding.  Our foundation male "Marmles Rockwell Symphony" (aka - Orion) is the father of these three Kings - Orion's belt consists of three bright stars!   We ask for the Lord's Blessings on these three to find healing in their bodies and to one day find their FUREVER  homes .  

If you are interested in kittens then Please check out our litter that was born July 1st, 2022.   We have 7 kittens from this litter.   Click on the page Pleiades star cluster.   


Zodiac Katz Alnitak

Zodiac Katz Mintaka


Zodiac Katz Alnilam


pictured at 6 weeks 

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