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We have kittens for Christmas - what more joy than to give a living precious soul to someone for Christmas, nothing other than Christ, could bring such joy to a family than one of God's living breathing creations.  Many are against giving an animal as a gift for Christmas or for a present of any kind.   We at Zodiac Katz screen all of our servants that are going to adopt one of our kittens, one very important question we need to be sure of, especially when giving a kitten as a gift, is:   

Is everyone, not just the receiver, but everyone in that household responsible and wanting a new addition to the family.  

Our children grew up around animals all their life.   I couldn't have asked for a better way to educate my children about loving and caring for a living soul, but the responsibility and caring for the animal falls back on the parents all the time.   Please keep this in mind.  

We have some new Starz born October 9, 2022.   Please scroll down below to see who these new starz are!   Reserves being taken now and don't forget - this litter has a special promotion for being our first litter born in Arkansas.      

maine coon black smoke male

Orion (aka - Rockwell)

Our foundation male, large, muscular and ever so loving and gentle, not to mention intelligent

maine coon cat

Phoenix - one of our taller and larger girls ...Phoenix is a true gentle giant and a great representation of what the Maine Coon cats are,  not only in her size but her personality.   


Promotion on this litter - our first litter born in Arkansas

Welcome to the world little ones and welcome to Arkansas

At Zodiac Katz we already hold one of the lower prices on this quality of Maine Coon and NOW as a ONE time promotion on our cattery we are offering these remarkable kittens at even a lower price.   All kittens at promotion price are sold as PETS only.   1400.00 for a female and 1600.00 male.   These are also CHRISTMAS kittens, ready the week of December 18th, 2022.   MEOW.   

img_8759 (1).jpg

Reserved and heading to Mississippi 

img_8753 (1).jpg

Reserved and heading to Little Rock AR

img_8754 (1).jpg

Reserved and heading to Dallas, Texas


Reserved and heading to Dallas Texas

img_8752 (1).jpg

Reserved and heading to Morrilton Arkansas

Reserved and heading to HOUSTON, TX

Reserved and heading to CAPE COD, MA

These three are just waiting to bring you joy this year at Christmas

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