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We are the rulers of the Animal Kingdom, and of HUMANS.   We are CATS!   But not just any cat - we are the oldest domestic Cat to America ...  one of the largest cats in the domestic breeds of cats - we are MAINE COONS!  Not just any Maine Coon though, we come from European Grand Champion Bloodlines, imported by our Human servant from Moscow and Kiev.   You may wonder why our Human servant would venture all the way to Europe to find an American Cat.   That's because Russians and Ukraines still like to walk on the wild side, unlike our tame Americans.  European bloodlines are known to have larger tufts on the ears, longer ears and stronger muzzles, in general European lines are a larger wilder looking pussycat and our servant mom is a little wild herself.    We still conform to the standards of the requirements here in the USA and our Human servant makes sure all our litters are registered with both CFA and TICA.   


PS: European lines are quite successful in the show rings here in America.  TICA of course would be the show of choice only because TICA is International so a little more familiar with the European lines.

Our babies will be looking for their MEOW N FUREVER homes in the near future so stay tuned.  



Deposits being taken now:    

                                       500.00 for show/breeding or specific color/sex

                                      * deposits are always refundable should the cat(kitten) be                                             unavailable due to health reasons. *


Price for our females start at1800.00 (pet price) with up to 200.00 reimbursed at proof of spaying (must be spayed no sooner than 12 months, and no later than 15 months to qualify for reimbursement)

Price of our males start at 2000.00 (pet price) with up to 200.00 reimbursed at proof of neutering (must be neutered no sooner than 12 months, and no later than 15 months to qualify for reimbursement).

We do encourage all pet owners to neuter/spay (to avoid any unwanted behavior that follows intact males/females, including accidental escapes and pregnancies), but no sooner than 12  months of age .  Should you neuter or spay prior to one year of age this will void any guarantee on the cat due to the important role that hormones play in growth and development of an animal.  Maine Coons are a slower cat in their growth.  

Because of the demand and rarity of a specific kitten's coloring, size, or unique markings the price may be higher for some kittens.   If this is the case you will see a special star beside that kitten's listing on our website.

Polydactyl kittens are automatically 500.00 additional 

 Blue or odd eyed kittens are automatically 500.00 additional  

Occasionally we will also run promotions with discounted pricing, as well as discounts if buying more than one pet kitten at a time.   Kittens sold under any promotional or discounted price would not qualify for the reimbursement of neuter/spay.  Any owner who purchases a kitten(s) at a discounted or promotional price must remember that should he/she want to adventure into breeding his or her kitten that prior to using the cat(s) for breeding any discount or promotion has to be repaid in cash.  Promotions and discounts are for PETS only. 

Occasionally our servant will sell for show/breeding - please contact her for more information and pricing.

Any cat, whether bought as a breeder or pet and where a CHAMPIONSHIP title is obtained by an approved association breeding rights will be released free of charge.  (please remember though that if a discount price was given at time of original purchase the amount of discount given will need to be returned to breeder in form of cash prior to the breeding rights being released - DISCOUNTS are only given on the basis of a PET animal.)  

Please keep in mind when comparing prices with other breeders that an overly priced cat does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the cat.   Oftentimes what it reflects on is a bogus guarantee ..   what is a bogus guarantee?   Well if I state I'm going to give you a five year guarantee on the "loss of life", be sure to read the fine print:  

What if pet dies within the 5 years and you cannot produce all the receipts of food and vet care you provided over those years, some breeders have terms that list you MUST feed it a specific brand of food etc.   What if cat has a sickness and you are able to keep it alive via medical assistance?  Is the guarantee only "IF" the cat dies, or does it cover if you "have" to euthanize?    Is the guarantee for 'your money', or is this only for a replacement cat and only if the cat's life is actually gone? 

What happens if the breeder decides to retire from breeding? 

 I quite often tell my buyers if they want a guarantee of five years such as is written by some, sure I'll charge them the extra $$$$ but to be honest I'd rather have them invest that extra money in the care of their kitten NOW.   Feed them the better food, don't hesitate to take them to the vet, have those extra dollars saved up in the bank for the unexpected, or for care of the cat(kitten) while you are away!   

And now that leads us to the cheaper priced cats.   If you find a price cheaper than ours for this quality of a kitten, raised with the same in-home love and care as ours then by all means feel free to save yourself a few dollars.   We recognize we are not the only breeders of good quality kittens, and we expect you to shop around, just like you would anything else.   These little fur mates will become a part of your family and you should make sure you are getting what it is you want.  

If you buy a kitten or cat from any breeder in the United States oftentimes you are already protected by state statutes already.

Please realize that cats are living creatures, not a toy, no one person can really give any guarantee how a kitten will develop.  There are so many factors in life that contribute to this: environment, genetics, food, stress in the cats' life, even what you use for cleaning your house, your clothing, to scent your air, etc.  The list goes on and on.  We do our best in trying to assure we are breeding only healthy cats, but again only God knows all things.   We have done the Genetical DNA testing on all our breeding cats for over 45+ health tests.   We also perform heart ultrasounds on our cats periodically throughout their breeding life. And we are now starting to do OFA hip certifications as well.       

Text or email us for more information.   Filling out contact information is always a good way to keep informed of new litters etc.     

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