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Always a purr-fect Christmas with a kitten under the tree

So should I give a live animal as a gift 🎁

There is no better present you can give someone than a living creature, something that they can love and be loved unconditionally back. Animals can teach us all so many valuable lessons in life ❤️. So why then are so many against giving an animal at Christmas?! Here at Zodiac Katz we are never against giving a kitten to someone for a present providing "everyone" in the household is ready to take on such a great responsibility. Please before committing to such a precious gift ask yourself the most important question

Are "YOU" ready to take on full responsibility for this creature especially when the novelty of a kitten has worn off. This little fur baby should provide you and your family with 12 + years of happiness, but along with that happiness there are daily chores and weekly, monthly and yearly tasks, these tasks cost you in time and money . It's one thing to have the money to buy your furry friend but what about the never ending expenses - food, litter, vet visits, boarder etc. If gifting to someone are they wanting to or capable of taking on the responsibilities of a living breathing creature? If you can say "YES" then you can't give a more precious gift than a living breathing pet!

And so now we introduce you to our Christmas girls and one boy who are looking for Furever homes. Pictured at 5 weeks of age - born October 24 ... ready in time for Christmas 🤶

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