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Meowy Christmas - keep your Pet Safe this Christmas

Christmas and Pets - BE SAFE 🐱🐶🦜🐍🐀🐢🦎🐠

Watch pets and small toys ... just like babies and toddlers many pets investigate with their mouths

Don't use breakable Christmas ornaments

Pine needles can be quite hazardous

Wrappings/bows and strings can cause serious blockage

Chocolates and sweets are a big No No

Cooked bones are brittle and sharp .. another big No No

Most important have a calm quiet escape area for your pet

Too much excitement and too many new faces can put your pet through a lot of stress

Stress can cause an immune system to become very weak and make your pet now susceptible to illness

Poinsettias are on the list of toxic plants to pets

A great article below will help you keep your pet safe this Christmas

Meowy Christmas to Y'all

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