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How BIG are Maine Coons

An average sized healthy Maine Coon male cat can range between 12–18 pounds, with an average length of 19-30 inches. Female Maine Coons (at a healthy size) weigh between 8–12 pounds but roughly the same average length. But yes, as in all things there are can always be exceptions! Some can be quite larger ... as much as up to 25/30 lbs, although this is rare. Keep in mind ... the larger the cat ... the larger the litter box 😉.

A Maine Coon cat does not reach full maturity in weight, muscle mass or even growth until they are approximately 4 - 5 years of age. When watching our video you'll see how our foundation male Orion (Rockwell marmle Symphony of Zodiac Katz) is still getting larger from our video at two years of age.

But please remember - size is not what makes this cat one of the most fascinating and entertaining cats to own - it is the fact they are really dogs trapped in a cats body .... 🤫 Shhh ... don't tell them I said that ... they still believe they are LIONS. So please when choosing your Maine Coon do not look at size as being your number one priority. Even a smaller Maine coon is most times quite a bit larger than your average household cat. Here at Zodiac Katz we try to breed for good conformation .. great personality and healthy cats, although we do have some large Puddy Tats. MEOW

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Orion is just gorgeous!


Sasha at 16 week's weight is 5.3 pounds.


Misty McMorrow
Misty McMorrow
Dec 31, 2023

He is absolutely gorgeous!!!

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Thank you

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