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How to reuse your clay Breeze pellets by Purina

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

With inflation on the rise you’ll love the Breeze kitty litter system - totally reusable kitty litter! At Zodiac Katz keeping a clean kitty litter box is so important, we experimented with several different types of kitty litter and finally found one we are very pleased with. Not only is it dust free but it is easy to clean and keep clean. We have 4 XL Breeze kitty litter boxes and 3 regular sized boxes. We try to stay on top of scooping out droppings as soon as they're dropped. If left in the box the clay pellets are remarkable in absorbing the odor and drying out the droppings but normally we just scoop it right away. The urine passes through the clay pellets to the tray below onto an absorbent pad. We discovered in using the pellets that they are totally reusable but you'll need to follow the following steps to ensure they are clean.

  1. Place the dirty pellets into a large container, even a spare kitty litter box works great

  2. Rinse the pellets with plain water several times, at least 5 - 10 times until the water starts to appear clear

  3. Now fill the container with the pellets with water covering the pellets and add a disinfectant to the water, we use Control III. You could also use some bleach added to the water. We then add just a very small amount of "angry orange". Be careful of how much you use of this because it is very strong and Cats HATE citrus. You don't want to deter your cat from using his/her kitty box. After mixing the pellets real good in the solution let them sit in this for 12 hours.

  4. Drain the above solution from the pellets and do your rinse again, rinse, rinse, rinse, and rinse.

  5. Now add water again covering the pellets, this time adding salt to the water, depending on how many pellets you'll want anywhere's between 1/8 - 1/2 cup salt. Let your pellets sit in this solution now for another 12 hours.

  6. Drain the water from the pellets, an easy way would be to use a sifter from a kitty litter box. Now lay the pellets out on a tray and let the SUN do it's job. We are blessed and we have lots of sun here in Florida. Within a couple hours of laying in the sun our pellets are usually dry. If you have no sun or its winter where you're at then a fan is also a good option, just make sure you keep fan on low or you'll have pellets all over your house.

  7. Now you should be ready to place the pellets in a clean box. We have 8 cats total, 5 which are Maine coons, pretty large cats, and 7 kitty litter boxes, we are cleaning our pellets every 3 weeks, sometimes sooner if we have any cases of diarrhea.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use clay pellets with nursing moms or small kittens. In the nursery we use Pine pellets. As you can tell by the amount of rinsing and soaking we do clay pellets do not break down and can cause serious blockage to a small kitten if accidently eaten.

Be sure to watch our video to get a better idea as to how to clean the Breeze kitty litter system. Please find a link below to the system. We'll also include a link for Control III, an excellent disinfectant and a link for Angry Orange.

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