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Just How large are Maine Coons

The heaviest Maine Coon cat on record is a cat by the name of Ludo. ludo weighs a whopping 34 lbs - yep you read that right - 34lbs! Even human babies don’t weigh that at one year old. 😳

Meet some of our young girls - yes these are still kittens!

The biggest Maine Coon by length was a cat by the name of Stewie. 48.5 inches long - even an average two year old toddler male in USA is only around 33 inches.

now are we starting to see the size of litter box needed! 😬

At Zodiac Katz we have 5 Maine Coons /2 Persians and one Bengal cross. We love the XL breeze litter box by purina. Please click on link below if interested in purchasing one of these systems. There are different ways you can stretch your dollar with this system but that calls for another blog!

Guinness world records:

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