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Just say NO to drugs 😹

So what exactly is catnip and why do cats seem to be so attracted to it ? catnip is actually a part of the mint family. You can use the plant to make a tasty tea and the flowers are said to help relieve coughs so sit down … pour yourself a cup of tea 🫖 and enjoy some catnip time with your kitty 🐈. Surprisingly enough it’s even used in bug 🐛 sprays! So why woukd something bugs hate be so attractive to cats ? That’s because cats have a scent gland in the roof of their mouth … this gland carries scents all the way to the brain. This organ is the very thing that causes your cat to get that grimace look on his/her face - you all know the look! catnip mimics feline sex hormones… ooh La la 😉❤️.

As with anything in life just don’t overdo it. Eating catnip just like cat grass is thought to help with a cats digestive system but if your kitty eats too much at once it can cause diarrhea and or vomiting. Catnip does come in spray form dried form or as you see in our video fresh. so go ahead sit down … pour yourself a cup of catnip tea and take a walk on the ᗯƖᒪᗪ ᔕƖᗪƐ with your furry feline!

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