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Your first mistake was thinking I am a Dog 🐩!

So You want to take your Feline friend and put him/her on a leash like a dog, and then expect him/her to just follow you around wherever you go. Are you KITTEN me. Your first lesson in owning a Cat is CATS RULE, not Humans, and certainly not Dogs. But yes, it is possible that your cat may agree to taking you for a walk, but if so be prepared for possibly your first and your last walk. Not all cats take to being restrained by a halter, let alone a leash. You will want to accustom them to a halter and leash as a young kitten if possible, you've heard the old saying "you can't teach an old Dog new tricks" well try teaching an old cat new tricks - FUR get it. Once you've got your cat/kitten accustomed to wearing a halter then go ahead and attach the leash... do not let your cat just fly around the house with the leash as this could be a disaster and could harm him/her. But yes, get him/her used to being somewhat restrained on the end of a leash. Once he/she has got used to this strange idea it's time to adventure outside. Choose a very quiet, peaceful setting for them, remember cats RULE... they have never really been tamed and are still considered a wild animal that has just chosen to live at peace within the human realms. They rely totally upon their wild instinct and so any sudden noise or movement will send them running, whether it be up a tree or under a bush. Your peaceful walk has now just turned into a CAT - ASTOPHE. If your cat is not having it, then pick him/her up... head back into the house, make yourself a bowl of popcorn, curl up on the couch and do what Cat's do best - MEOW.

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