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The Apple 🍎 doesn’t fall far from the tree 🌳

Or should we say like mother like daughter! So why do we genetic health test our cats that we breed? And are these DNA tests really foolproof? At Zodiac Katz we want to ensure that we are doing our best for the cat world … Through out the years we’ve always enjoyed our purebred dogs and now our purebred cats. There is absolutely nothing the matter with a dog or a cat that is not purebred, it is a matter of preference is all. But since we ourselves like pure bred animals we feel it’s very important in our breeding program to ensure our clients are going to be happy with the looks and the health of the kittens that we help produce here is Zodiac Katz. So we do DNA genetical Health testing On our breeding cats… Not only do we do the genetical health test on our cats but we’ve assured that our cats parents, grandparents and great grandparents, at the minimum, have been Health tested for the same genetical defects. PKD for instance is a one if the genetic inherited diseases tested for. For this disease only “ONE”of the parents has to carry the trait. So by genetically health testing the ancestry tree for this gene should assure us that no kittens will develop PKD. Awe, if only this was true …. Unfortunately as with any test there can always be a margin of error, and many vets are in question as to the accuracy of the tests, infact in human DNA testing 40% of the tests have been known to provide inaccurate results. Again this is one of the reasons we like to know that at least 3 generations back has also been tested. ! Then you also can have genetic diseases such as HCM that have been found in cats that do not carry the known mutated gene, leaving genetic scientists to realize now that, in cats, there are other causative mutations that have not yet been identified so the test is only screening for one gene. So again why test then? Rather I say why wouldn’t you test ? In today’s world with technology and science at our fingertips and with the convenience, simplicity and affordability of DNA testing it would only make sense for a breeder to try their best to ensure that they’re breeding stock, to the best of their ability, is free from these genes, even if, let’s say, only 60% of the tests were accurate - we at least are starting to hopefully lessen some of these bad genes. But as breeders we must not deceive ourselves or our clients and worst of all our cats!

All this being said unfortunately no breeder can 100% guarantee that no kitten will ever develop any of these diseases that are genetically inherited. Here at Zodiac Katz we promise to do our best to breed animals we believe are healthy. We do our best at keeping in contact with those that we purchased our breeding stock from in asking about the parents and the grandparents and the great grandparents, as to their length of their life…are they still alive are they still healthy?! We want you to stay in touch with us and should your cat, even 5 years from now develop a genetical health problem we want to know. No, unfortunately there is no warranty on your kitten beyond the one year but we still want to know for future breedings etc.

If you happen to be purchasing a cat for breeding whether from us or another breeder then please spend a little bit of time and a little bit of cost in doing a DNA health genetic test on your breed and learn which genetic diseases are known to affect your breed of cat or dog. 😊

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