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What are we?

We are the rulers of the Animal kingdom and of Humans. We are CATS! But not just any cat .... we are the oldest Domestic Cat to America. One of the Largest cats in the domestic breeds ..... one of the most desirable breeds of cats .... we are MAINE COONS. Here at Zodiac Katz our Human imported us from Russia and Ukraine. We come from International Champion and Grand Champion Bloodlines. So why did our Human servant choose to bring us all the way from Europe instead of USA, after all our nationality is from Maine, USA, so why go to Europe to get us. Because she knew in Europe we like to walk on the wild side - in Europe quite often Maine Coons are more extreme in some of their wild features, such as the tufts on the ears, the muzzle and chin are stronger in appearance. In America Maine Coons are a little more refined in their appearance but still a very large beautiful Cat.

Our servant is a little wild herself so is attracted to the wild.

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