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Breeding is not for the faint of Heart 💔❤️

The last litter we had from this beautiful mom she had lost 3 out of 7. But this time around all 7 now have made it past the two week mark❤️🙏. Breeding can have its ups ⬆️ and its downs ⬇️. For those of you who may be considering breeding it bears a lot of heartaches ..expenses ..sleepless nights .. 24/7 responsibilities and LOTS of money. Truly it is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes you end up with a mom who just isn’t cut out to be a mom … or a male who has no interest in those girls . There are even horror stories out there of moms eating their kittens alive . Then you think once the kitten has left your home the responsibility has ended … far be it! A caring breeder will be there to answer questions , concerns throughout the kittens life … sometimes they might even have to take a kitten back if the new owners have had some unforeseen changes in their lives beyond their control . Unless you become a kitten mill you’ll more than likely just break even.

But the positives are always there to outweigh the negatives. Such a joy it is to have those little ones grow infront of you … such a joy it is when you see the happiness it brings others when they take their bundles of fur home 🏡.

Welcome my little ones … I pray 🙏 the Lord Jesus find you all that FUREVER home 🏡.

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